Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My flowers

I have corn, carrots, sunflowers and marigolds. I planted them at school. I'll save money because I planted corn and carrots.

I have Mario Kart. It's fun. It's nice. Daddy unlocks stuff for me and that's fun. He's really nice. I was sleeping so I didn't see him play Mario Kart. It's pretty new and I got a guidebook with it. I like that because I can check off every new thing I get. Mommy checked some stuff off for me because I was sleeping. As I was saying, it was very fun and I enjoy it.

I still play my Nintendo games but Mario Kart Wii is very, very fun. So if you want to know more just call me on my little blog post thing. I didn't remember what the real name was of the real blog post thing. [Editors note - Comments?]

I want to get into that club like my mom. [Editors note - He heard me talking about being listed on Alltop.] Yes, Alltop. That's where I want to be. Mom is really lucky. So, bye bye. I hope I get into that Alltop thingie. What's really fun there anyway?


Becky said...

What I want to know Joseph is when you are going to invite me over to play Mario Kart with you. =)

Avitable said...

I just got Mario Kart Wii, too. It's really fun.

Ben said...

Your mom and I used to play against each other on the original Mario Kart for Super Nintendo. There were only, like, 12 tracks but it was the greatest game of all time.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, I think it is really cool that you are growing some of your own food! That is a very grown up thing to do, and it is fun to watch the plants grow, but remember to give them some water to drink. I'm so glad that you like your new game! See you soon! Grandma Judy