Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crack of the Whip, Chapter One - Indiana Jones Meets Yogi Bear and BooBoo

This is a picture I took and I built the Legos. Fairbear is actually Snowbear. The Legos are talking. [Editors note- This is an ongoing story that Joseph is working on acting out with his Legos. He did this all on his own, I just took the pictures.]

Indiana Jones: Ook, ack, uck!
Lady Enemy: I want the jewel! Ugh!
Little Good Guy: You'll never have this jewel! Whack!
Termite 1: Hey! I found that crumb first!
Termite 2: Well I was the one that agreed that we would share it!
Termite 3: Hey guys! There's a big fight going on over here besides what's happening.
Fairbear as Yogi Bear: I think I found some picnic baskets BooBoo!
Pandy as BooBoo: Yes, this isn't where the ranger is. I guess we can get this food.

Answers to questions and the biggest blog post

Webkinz are online pets. You feed them and you can play with them and you can chat with friends. Kids that like online stuff and stuff to cuddle with would like them. You can buy them at stores.

A red eyed tree frog is my favorite. The favorite one I own is a black cat named Blacky. It's my favorite because of it's green eyes. It has a cute little bathtub that it comes with.

The last Webkinz I forgot was Pandy my panda.

The Haunted Mansion book is good. My great aunt let me borrow the book about the Haunted Mansion. I need to remind my great uncle that I have his Simpsons book.

I will keep buying Webkinz. I want a lot. I can't describe how many I want.

My biggest blog post is almost done. I think I might get it done today or tomorrow so stay tuned. Bye!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Names of my Webkinz

Sorry it's been 21 days it's just that I was working on a big blog post and I needed to be ready so I need to make this blog post till the next one gets ready.

These are all my Webkinz names: Spotty is my spotted frog. Swingy is my cheeky monkey. Roary is my lion. Croakers is my bullfrog. Liz is my leopard lizard. Rajah is my bengal tiger. Sparkles is my lemon-lime gecko. Ellie is my elephant. Goldy is my yellow lab. Waggers is my golden retriever. Blacky is my black cat. Whiskers is my leopard. Happy is my turtle. Lucky is my dalmatian.

I have 15 total. That's a lot of Webkinz. I'm hoping to get more.

I found a video game I really, really want. It's Indiana Jones Legos for my DS. And I want the guide for it too.

So that's my blog post about Webkinz and the game. I'm hoping to get my big one done soon. Until then, see you at the next blog post!