Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm sorry it took so long

Hi! As you probably were wondering why I didn't do my blog post for so long, first it's because I had to go on vacation. Then we were moving into my new house so we didn't have much time for it. And I was in the hospital. So this is about who you should vote for. [Editors note - I did not coach him at all on what to say here. This is all him.]

Al Franken. Because he doesn't make lying commercials like Norm Coleman.

Barack Obama. I don't know exactly, he just sounds nice. You shouldn't vote for John McCain because he doesn't have a very good vice-president.

That's who I think should be voted for. If that's who you pick please send a comment to me. I'll be writing some more soon, don't worry. I'll finish my project that I was doing. Just be patient and more will be coming.