Friday, June 19, 2009

Poptropica Cheats part 2

Hello. This is part 2 of the cheats I posted a while ago. Here it my first one. So I'm going to get right to the cheats.

If you have the cell phone on Nabooti Island (if you don't I will post a guide sooner or later so don't worry) click the item box (which is the backpack) and click the cell phone item card and click use. Then type "911" on the cell phone and press the green button. You'll turn out with the police suit which you can find on Super Power Island.

If you type in "1225" in your cell phone you get the Santa Hat and bag.

If type in "411" in your cell phone you get the brain hat. (100% awesomeness!)

This next one is a cheat I meant to do in my last post. It's "control+shift+r" your character gets random. Press over and over to get the desired costume. Contains tennis racket, basketball, football and cell phone. (Note - will change whole outfit.)

Here are some easter eggs. An easter egg is not the kind you find at Easter time from the Easter Bunny. It's a a funny thing that happens that you should try at least one time on your Poptropica user. Will not affect your costumes.

1. Potty Humor - On Super Power Island, while in the city park (I will explain in my Super Power Island guide) go to the boy/girl restrooms. Click on the toilet. Water will come out! Lol!

2. Bye Bye Crab - When you land on Time Tangled Island click on the crab multiple times and then you will see it explode. But then it puts its self back together again.

3. Down Doc (short for Down Doctor) - When you land on Spy Island go to the top floor of the spy glass store and then talk to the doctor. Then click on a gadget (may take a few tries) and you fall through the floor. Then jump to the second shelf and click on a gadget. Down goes Doc! (Note - need to get the second level of the spy glass store to do the easter egg.)

4. Sorry, I Don't Speak Roman/French - This is another easter egg for Time Tangled Island. (Note - you need the time traveling device to do this easter egg.) Click on the time travel device. Then click on the man with the white beard and blue cap. Now that's the French period/when the French made the Statue of Liberty. Click on one of the French signs and the French word will now be in English. Same thing for the Roman period. Now you should know when it's the Roman period because of the guy with the gladiator helmet. Click on one of the Roman signs and then it will be in English just like the French ones.

The next post you will see will be about what items are for boys and what items are for girls in the Poptropica store and what are for both too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poptropica Cheats

This is one of my blog posts. It's cheats for Poptropica. Poptropica is a game that I play a lot on the computer. This is a cheat that I got from the Poptropica help blog.

If you press "control + shift + 1" you'll laugh.

If you press "control + shift + 2" you'll cry.

If you press "control + shift + 3" you'll get angry.

If you press "control + shift + 4" you'll jump.

If you press "control + shift + 3" and wait till your face gets red and then push "control + shift + 4" you'll jump while being angry.

If you press "control + shift + p" you'll have a pumpkin head. Just press "control + shift + p" again to remove it.

If you press "control + shift + s" your skin will change. But if you have the colormizer you don't need this cheat.

If you have a costume from the Poptropica store if you press the spacebar you'll do the costumes special effect.

This doesn't work on my computer but if you press "control + shift + o" you'll get a shark costume. But you can get this on Shark Tooth Island. This might not work on everybody's computer.

If you press "control + shift + F12" a white bar will appear on the bottom of your screen and you can type words in it but if you do the in the multi-player room you cannot communicate with people.

Later I will post guides to finish the Islands so expect more blog posts from me soon.