Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My fish

I have a plastic fish from school. I named it John. I made a bowl for it at school. We're studying oceans. I like it. My fish can hold his breath, dance, play dead (which he's really good at) and I gave him little babies in his cup.

Elle is playing catch with me. And my fish is still holding it's breath right now.

My Elle has a stuffy nose and my mom has a headache. [Editor's note - No I don't.] Mommy's editor's note is funny. Well, something hurts. What is it? Never mind.

Elle likes getting bonked in the nose when we play catch. Elle is two and she is funny.

I'm still playing Yoshi Island DS. I'm on world 4, level 4. My mom almost typed "over 4". That was funny. Excuse me, I think it's time for me to play my DS right now. Every time I do a blog post I get to chose what to make for dinner. [Editor's note - No he doesn't.]


Hops said...

I have a real fish that plays dead sometimes. It's pretty scary!

Grandma said...

I think picking what you want for dinner when you blog would be a great idea. Maybe I'll start to blog too and then Grandpa would have to make me what I want for dinner. Good plan!

Love you-Grandma

Beany said...

I do not like getting bonked in the nose when playing catch with someone. Are you sure Elle likes that? Your fish knows a lot of tricks. Bring your DS with on mothers day (if you can). Check with your editor. Then you can show me all about it. Do you have the Cars game for it?