Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three reasons why I like a blog

1. I get to watch Mystery Science Theater videos.

2. I get nice posts.

3. I get a wish list.

I like to talk about video games. They're nice. I got a new book. I can't wait for my dad to get home. I read my book for two hours. My mother is smiling at me.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. It reminds me of the blog I had when I was a, reminds me of a "frog" I had when I was a kid. Blogs hadn't been invented yet. I'd like to hear more about your wish list.

Grandma said...

3 reasons why I like your blog:
1. You're the only 7 year old boy I know who has a blog.
2. You're so clever that everything you say is interesting to read.
3. If I don't talk to you during the day, I can still find out what's new with you.
Love you-

Lisa said...

I was reading your mom's very funny blog and came across your blog. You are such a smart boy! I don't even have a blog, but maybe I will make one now after seeing yours.
I have a 7 year old son and he loves his Nintendo and his Wii too. His favorite character is Luigi. I am not good at video games. But sometimes I play webkinz. I know sometimes your sister bothers you. But my son would tell you that you should be happy you are older and bigger than her. He has an older sister who loves to tease him all the time. He can't wait until he is finally bigger than her.
Keep up the good blogging!

Beany said...

3 reasons I like your blog. Different ones than Grandmas. Mostly anyway.
1.)Ok really my reasons are all the same as your Grandmas.
2.)But I didn't want it to look like I copied her.
3.)Do you think it worked?

Ben said...

Joesph, did you ask your mom about Rampage? She should remember it. We used to play it together when we were kids. You would like it. You played a giant monster and ran around cities smashing buildings. Sometimes you would smash open a wall and there would be a toilet there. But if you ate it you would spit it back out. It was magical.

Becky said...

I think your number one reason is also my number one reason why I like your blog. Plus you are such a darn cute kid.

The Other Elle said...

Hi Joseph,
I followed a link from another blog to an old post of your Mom's, laughed so hard that I had to click on her profile and find out if she had written anything else...and found you!


The only bad thing? I can't show my son your blog because then HE would want to have one. And I am not as cool as your mother -- I only let him use my computer if he has homework to do on it.

Have fun with your blog!