Monday, April 14, 2008

Is she an angel or is she a devil?

Elle is crabby. Elle is my baby sister and she's two so she doesn't understand what is mine and when she's borrowing it. Whenever I let her borrow it she always says "It's mine!" and now we start fighting about it. Yep, that's how crabby she is. And now she's pulling on me. Oh well, that's part pf being a big brother! Someday she'll learn. And Aspergers makes me fight over it because I like my snake and puppy stuffed animals. I get really interested in a lot of things.

This really happens.


Sam said...

My little boy has a snake just like that one! He is 11 years old.

Beany said...

I like that Elle's shirt says "Little Miss Trouble". You could get one that says "Little Mister Blogger". I'm loving your blog. What is your grass buddys name?

nell said...

Do you think maybe Elle could be both an angel and a devil? My little girl is 3, and she is definitely both! It can be tricky, and everybody gets mad at their little siblings sometimes (I have 3 little brothers) but I'm sure you're a great and loving big brother.