Thursday, May 29, 2008


I got a Webkin. It's a frog and his name is Spotty!!! And I got trading cards too and yes, they are fun, fun, fun.

I went to the zoo for a field trip. I had fun there. I went on a bunch of trails. Me and my partner went to a bunch of places like the farm area and the play area and the play station.

School is going to end soon. I'll miss my teacher but I know I'll see her some time in second grade.

It's pajama day tomorrow. Pajama day is when I get to wear my pajamas to school and bring my stuffed animal. I'll have fun playing with my Webkinz and showing it off.



Grandma said...

I want to wear my pajamas to work. What do you think my co-workers would think about that? Just think of how much time you could save every morning if you could stay in your pajamas all day. When I run the world, I'm going to make wearing pajamas all day a law.
I'm glad you like your trading cards.
Love you-Grandma

Anonymous said...

Joseph! Pajama day sounds like fun. I hope everyone likes your new frog! I just loved the way you sang "Got Married in a Fever".. I hope to see you soon. Tell Mommy I finally got her books from Amazaon!

Love you........ Grandma Judy

PS. Thank you for showing me what God looks like...

Beany said...

Your mom has a webkin code from us. I don't know what they are. Pajama days are a good idea. They should happen at least once a week. I think we should have a pajama day party. What do you think?