Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm really looking forward to watch Walle on June 27th. Remember, if you want to see Walle it's in theaters on June 27th. It looks pretty funny. I can't wait to see it. It's a Pixar movie.

Yesterday was the last day of school. I had really much fun. I screamed "Summer! Summer!" on the way back to the car. I'm so excited that it's summer now. I'm going to have much fun.

I have soccer. I'm going to have fun at soccer. I'm on the blue team again.

I got a new Webkinz named Roary. Webkinz are tiny stuffed animals. We had to tell Daddy that 12 times. I have two Webkinz. My first one is named Spotty. I have a tag from a monkey Webkinz and I'm using it for online games for It's fun.

See you later.


shyestviolet said...

I am also ridiculously excited to see wall-e :) I hope you have fun!

Grandma said...

There's that post that I was waiting for. What else am I supposed to do at work if I can't read your blog? I feel the same about weekends as you do about summer. I chant "Friday! Friday!" as I leave work every Friday afternoon.

Love you-


Cathy said...

I can't wait to see Wall-e! I'm excited about it as well.

And, since I'm a teacher I was also chanting Summer! Summer! all the way out to my car on the last day of school. Enjoy your summer!