Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're getting along a little better

Remember when I wrote a post about Elle being kind of sassy? We're getting kind of along. I watch Elle to make sure that she's doing stuff that is right.

I got ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Here is a video of me. I have chocolate on my face.


Grandma said...

Hey-Guess what? I found Plekley in the woods. I finished the mission of getting all the soap bottles in Ratatouille. I have doritos for your next picnic. I like the video of you trying to raise your eyebrows on mommy's blog. You look just like me when I try to flare my nostrils or roll my tongue.

Love you-Grandma

Hops said...

I wish I could clap my hands twice and everyone would know that meant I was done.

Beany said...

You are funnier than charlie bit me. Ask your mom to show you that.

nell said...

I'm glad you and Elle are getting along better, and I love the video of you! you were great! How did you know I loved the spider pig song? We sing it all the time at our house.