Saturday, August 2, 2008

Names of my Webkinz

Sorry it's been 21 days it's just that I was working on a big blog post and I needed to be ready so I need to make this blog post till the next one gets ready.

These are all my Webkinz names: Spotty is my spotted frog. Swingy is my cheeky monkey. Roary is my lion. Croakers is my bullfrog. Liz is my leopard lizard. Rajah is my bengal tiger. Sparkles is my lemon-lime gecko. Ellie is my elephant. Goldy is my yellow lab. Waggers is my golden retriever. Blacky is my black cat. Whiskers is my leopard. Happy is my turtle. Lucky is my dalmatian.

I have 15 total. That's a lot of Webkinz. I'm hoping to get more.

I found a video game I really, really want. It's Indiana Jones Legos for my DS. And I want the guide for it too.

So that's my blog post about Webkinz and the game. I'm hoping to get my big one done soon. Until then, see you at the next blog post!


CharmingDriver said...

Hey Joseph! I am not really sure what Webkinz are or what you do with them. Can you tell me more about them? Do you think my niece and nephews would enjoy them? Thanks for your help!

Hops said...

That's a lot of webkinz! Which one is your favorite?

Beany said...

Did you miss one of your Webkinz names? How are you liking the Haunted Mansion book?

Grandma said...

So are you all done buying Webkinz now or are you still looking for certain ones?

No game yet by the way :(


Anonymous said...

I have webkinz too! My webkinz are:

Pink Pony: Cherry
Beagle: Ginger
Pug: Cinnamon

Hey Joseph. What's your favorite webkinz? Webkinz is a really cool website, don't you think?