Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A bunch of things I like to do

I like soccer and I don't have it today. I don't have it today because it's raining.

I like Webkinz because it's an online game and it's stuffed animal too.

I like the Nintnedo because it has a bunch of games I like on it.

I like my games because I use the Nintendo for it. It's like the opposite of it!

I like Disney World. I'm excited to go!

I like being on the computer because there's a lot of games I like on the computer.

I like hanging out with Mommy and Daddy because it's nice.

I like having fun. Everything is fun on this list.

And that's all the things I like.



Grandma said...

Are you sure that's all you like?

Your adoring Grandma

ame i. said...

Those are all great things, all right!
I hope you post about your trip to DisneyWorld. My family went at the end of May. It was the first time for my daughters, 10 & 8. It was my first time, too. It was magical!