Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm sorry it took so long

Hi! As you probably were wondering why I didn't do my blog post for so long, first it's because I had to go on vacation. Then we were moving into my new house so we didn't have much time for it. And I was in the hospital. So this is about who you should vote for. [Editors note - I did not coach him at all on what to say here. This is all him.]

Al Franken. Because he doesn't make lying commercials like Norm Coleman.

Barack Obama. I don't know exactly, he just sounds nice. You shouldn't vote for John McCain because he doesn't have a very good vice-president.

That's who I think should be voted for. If that's who you pick please send a comment to me. I'll be writing some more soon, don't worry. I'll finish my project that I was doing. Just be patient and more will be coming.


CharmingDriver said...

I can't vote for Franken because I don't live in Minnesota but I am for sure and for certain voting for Obama!

Good post Joseph - Glad to have you back posting again!

shyestviolet said...

glad you're feeling back up to speed, joseph, and I hope you had fun at disney!

I don't much like john mccain's vice-presidential candidate, either. it makes me sad and frustrated, because it feels like he picked her just because she's a girl. I don't like being picked for anything just because I'm a girl; I like being chosen for things because I'm smart, or have special talents, or because someone thinks I'm the best. it's pretty frustrating to me, but I'm glad you're growing up in a generation that can maybe choose people for jobs based on their unique gifts and talents--just like the gifts and talents you possess--and not just because they're girls or boys, or because they're black or white, or because they're rich or poor.

and you're right about the lying--although a lot of people in politics lie, it's never a good strategy to use. good call, joseph.

Hops said...

Great advice! If I lived in Minnesota, I would definitely vote for Al Franken.

Do you have any predictions about who will win the elections?